Greek Chicken Kebabs with Lemon Rice

Greek Chicken Kebabs with Lemon Rice

  • Servings: 4
  • Total Time:


For the Greek Chicken Kebabs

1/2 cup Greek Yogurt

2 tablespoons olive oil

4 cloves garlic, minced

Juice from 3 lemons

2 tablespoons Italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

2 large chicken breasts

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 white onion


For the Lemon rice

2 packages @AuthenticRoyal Ready to Heat Yellow Basmati Rice (prepared)

2 cloves minced garlic

Juice from one lemon

green onions, chopped (handful)

4 ounces crumbled feta

1/4 cup peanuts, roughly chopped

fresh dill, chopped


  1. Stir together the yogurt, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, Italian seasoning, and salt/pepper. Add half to a Ziplock bag and reserve the other half for grilling.
  2. Cut the chicken into cubes. Add the cubes to the bag with the marinade for 30 minutes. While chicken is marinating, chop veggies into bite-sized pieces. Add kebab sticks to water and allow to soak while chicken marinates.
  3. When ready to cook, prepare the grill or grill pan (feel free to use a grill pan for the video) by brushing with oil and heating.
  4. Assemble the kebabs by layering pepper, onion, and chicken.
  5. Cook the kebabs on the grill or grill pan for 10-15 minutes, turning often, until juices run clear, or the chicken reaches an internal temp of 165F. Make the rice as chicken cooks.
  6. Stir together all ingredients for the rice in a large bowl.
  7. Serve alongside the chicken for an easy, healthy, and delicious meal!