Clarified Butter [Ghee]

Clarified Butter [Ghee]

  • Servings: 2/3 pounds
  • Total Time:

Clarified butter is used in both French and Indian cooking and is highly nutritious, flavorful and aromatic. This recipe is needed for our One Hour Chicken Biryani but you can use also clarified butter in place of your regular cooking oil. It has a higher smoke point than butter and does not go rancid easily. It’s delicious stirred into hot white rice too.


  • 1 pound unsalted butter


  1. Place butter in a deep pan and add a long handled metal spoon. Over low heat, cook the butter without stirring for 10-15 minutes. You will hear it bubble as the fat solids sink to the bottom of the pan and the clear liquid butter rises to the top.
  2. Cook the butter until it stops foaming and bubbling. Turn off the heat when the noise has stopped and the solids are visible at the bottom of the pan below the clear, clarified butter. Cool the butter on the counter.
  3. Place a strainer over a dry Mason jar and pour the cool liquid butter into it. Store the clarified butter in the refrigerator or in a cool place on the counter. Clarified butter will congeal as it cools further but will be clear when melted.