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Introducing Royal Staples


CYPRESS, Calif., Match 17, 2016 – LT Foods Americas, the rice maestro known for its outstanding Royal Basmati Rice, the number one selling rice brand in North America is now introducing its Royal Staples product line comprising of Besan (Chana Dal Flour), Daliya (100% cracked wheat), Sooji (Granulated Wheat), Maida (All-purpose Flour) and Poha (flattened rice flakes) in South Asian stores all around the United States.

Sourced responsibly, the Royal Staples product line is made from grains that are carefully refined and milled to a texture that maintains the taste and tradition of the Royal brand while providing a quality that ensures your family’s good health. This responsible sourcing begins by carefully selecting heirloom grains and pulses through safe farming practices as they lead to healthier products. We at LT Foods Americas also take pride in using the latest technology in food processing to give you the perfect color, texture and taste you expect and which shows our dedication to providing you with food you will enjoy.

LT Foods Americas is enthusiastic about introducing the staples line and expanding the Royal brand line by offering a premium and naturally sourced product line that delivers an exceptional food experience for our consumers.